I was taking over Get Messy Instagram account for a few days again. Today was my last day, and I shared a simple DIY art journal video in Instagram Stories. You only need 1 piece of paper for this one.


For those of you who asked me to share it again, so you can follow the instruction, here it goes. Make sure to tag me on Instagram @sasha_zeen if you follow this tutorial and create tiny art!

I am using regular printer paper, but you can use whatever you have or what would be a good foundation for a type of media you use for your art journaling.

Make sure you only cut halfway through.

Make a little paper "dumpling" ;)

Enjoy your tiny journal! Make it your practce journal. Or create it during a trip, when you suddenly remember you forgot your sketchbook. Make it a book for live sketching in the park or making patterns. When you fold it back out, you will see all your creations on 1 piece of pape.


Have fun!